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Our mission has been established by the demands of our men afflicted with prostate cancer. Their voice has been clear
and unwavering while asking us all to join them and to help others who may become affected in the future.

Ralph E. Jordan is a recognized leader, innovator, and entrepreneur in the health care industry. In 1988, Jordan founded Trident Health Resources, an international perfusion management services company where he currently serves as CEO. Jordan began his career with Baxter Laboratories and with Johnson & Johnson. In the 1980's he founded several successful enterprises. Among the innovative products developed, manufactured, and marketed was a state-of-the-art electrosurgical scalpel; a patented process that coated electrosurgical blades to prevent tissue adherence; helped form a biotech research company that developed a successful process using monoclonal antibodies that successfully predicted the sex of a bovine embryo; developed a miniaturized laser that was used on the posterior capsule of the eye after cataract surgery; and developed a microsurgical diamond knife that was used for RK surgery (radial keratotomy). Jordan was instrumental in the formation of Cryo-cell International, a company that harvests and cryo-preserves stem cells from cord blood. He is an alumnus of Frostburg State University and is on the advisory board for the School of Business, the University Foundation, and is a founder of the Sloop Leadership Institute.