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Our mission has been established by the demands of our men afflicted with prostate cancer. Their voice has been clear
and unwavering while asking us all to join them and to help others who may become affected in the future.

LADD D'ANGELO: I originally found out I had cancer in June of 2008, when I first found out I thought they had made a mistake. News of my diagnosis circulated throughout my family and reached my niece's husband Ronnie. my niece insisted Ronnie get checked as well and he too found out he had prostate cancer. From there concern in my family grew. At this point I had the robotic surgery and Ronnie was scheduled for the surgery, which prompted Ronnie's Brother Chuck Arnold to get tested as well. Upon testing, Chuck found he too had Prostate Cancer. Upon hearing about their individual findings, the family members shared their research and determined what was the best option. Through my surgery and research, Dr. Patel was discovered. All 3 of us, underwent the robotic surgery with Dr. Patel, and I can say we all are happier for it, and would recommend Dr. Patel and his staff to anyone. It's a unique situation that all 3 of us had prostate cancer so closely together, and we can all say that non of us suffered any ill effects at all.